Saturday, February 13, 2010

German Group Mystery and Graphic Sampler Mystery

I am posting updates of two projects that I am stitching with the Marquoir Yahoo Group. the top photo is the Graphic Sampler, stitched through Part 7, courtesy of design Angela Czygann. I am stitching it in Brass Tacks 3455 and Plumage HDF premium silk on 32 ct. Maritime White Lakeside Linen. I wish the photo showed how beautiful the Plumage silk is - the blues, greens and turquoises are just gorgeous!

The second photo is the German Group Mystery, completed through part 8. This design is courtesy of Kelly Searles. I am stitching it in Crushed Berries, Kodiakerry, BeFrogged, and Old Maid of the Hive HDF premium silk on 32 ct. Maritime White Lakeside Linen. This piece is also fabulous! I made some changes to this part - it was designed without the letter "O", and missing letters drive me crazy unless it is a reproduction sampler, so I fiddled with the letters to fit it in. I did not unstitch any letters; but inserted the "O" and modified the "P-Q" so they would fit.

I went to work yesterday, but ended up working at a satellite location; but are still semi-house bound - many roads have only one lane open and the parking lots have huge snowpiles, so I will just stay home and feed the pellet stove. I am relieved that my outside cat has reappeared - the cat is wild, so I can't bring it in to the basement or anything. I put food outside for it - the crows and the foxes also indulge. I enjoy watching them.

I need to go and do some relaxing before my son's hockey game late this afternoon. I will need my energy to cheer the team on!!!!!

Happy stitching! Margaret


Cyn said...

Hi Margaret,

Enjoyed seeing all of the progress that you have made on your projects.

Yes, I can relate to the snow as I'm in Central Maryland. Went out today and it was nuts as everyone was running around at the last minute trying to pick up items for Valentines' Day. In addition, driving is a challenge as you can't see around some of the corners as the snow piles are so high!

Windy Meadow

Brigitte said...

Wow, you have two very nice projects on the go. Great progress on both of them.
We also have more snow than I'm pleased with and I'm only longing for spring to come.