Sunday, January 29, 2012

All in a Day's Work

I have been a busy bee this afternoon - I finally tackled some of those projects in my stitched, but not finished pile. First off, I thought I should show you a picture of my helper - she keeps my stitching chair warm when I'm not in it. When I am stitching, she perches on the back of chair. Athena is posing with my January ornament, Evergreen by Elizabeth Foster. This is another of my all-time favorite designers. I used the recommended fibers, and a piece of LL Maritime White.

Here's a better photo:

Here is one of Laura Perin's Mystery Monday pieces - I think this is the second one. I was playing with color, and started with a Watercolor skein called Amethyst, and branched out with lilac and navy blue from there. It is backed with silk from Vikki Clayton in a rich purple - I think I like the back side as well as the front.

Here is Joy and Peace, by Little House Needleworks. I used the linen that came with the kit, supplemented by HDF silks.

Here is Peace by Homespun Sampler. I stitched this around Christmas time last year using HDF silks and a piece of scrap linen. It's a big piece, but charming nonetheless.

Here is Christmas Greetings, a freebie from iStitch. I think it is from 2010 - I don't know why I waited so long to stitch it. I used HDF silks and scrap linen.

I have also been working on Lavendar Blue, one of the 2012 SAL's by Angie at Magicas Putadas. Wow, there is a lot of stitching needed on that piece. I am almost done, and will post a picture here when I finish the first two parts.

We are having a fabulously warm winter here in Maryland. My camellias have big fat buds on them. I fear that they will have a rough time in February, only time will tell.

No other news to report. Happy stitching, everyone!

- Margaret

Sunday, January 08, 2012

2012 FINISH!!!

New year - same old blogger tricks. Here is my vacation project from iStitch - this is Sew Gigi in the HDF custom color Gigi's Christmas. I don't know how I will finish this - but it is lovely in real life - and such a relaxing stitch. I hope you can crane your neck and enjoy the picture!!

And another one day wonder - but this one is completely done. This is Take Joy by Shepherd's Bush - it came as a kit - I stitched the whole thing while watching Russia: Land of the Czars. I had to watch this to put my book on Catherine the Great in historical context. This project fit in a lovely round box. The box is not marked to show the manufacturer - I would love to have more of these - their quality is very nice and the box was affordable. Oh, well, I guess I will just enjoy the one I have.

And then, my Happy Dance already in 2012. This is I Sigh Not for Beauty, stitched in premium HDF on the recommended linen. This was a 2011 SAL organized through Ellen Chester at With My Needle. I can hardly believe I finished this fairly close to the end of the SAL period. I envision having a wall of "classic samplers" - and this will be the first one.

Now I need to go sort through my basket of WIPS to see if there are any other I can knock out quickly, before I go and start an avalanche of new projects - I have no self-control when buying stash or starting projects!

Happy stitching to all, Margaret C