Sunday, June 12, 2011

Back to stitching - too hot to garden!

Here is part 3 of Purple Garden, a project with the Sticklounge Group. These are my "safe" colors - redish purple and sagey green. I invariably am drawn to these colors - so why fight it?

And this is another project by Angie Designer (can you tell I love her designs??). She is leading a SAL for this Sampler Romantique. This shows the project through Part 12 - it's a beauty!

And, speaking of beauties, here is Margaret Brown by Milady's Needle. I am stitching on 28 ct and using the recommended AVAS threads - to recreate the original sampler. I love the faded palette of the other version of this piece, but decided to go bold (for me). This is my traveling piece. The end is in sight on this one.

Well, I guess it is back to stitching for me - it is too hot to be out in the yard! You would think that someone who grew up in Mississippi (and worked as a lifeguard for three summers) would not mind the heat. Is this another thing they don't tell you about getting old? That you lose your tolderance for heat and cold? (I never really had a tolerance for cold, anyway). Sad part of it is that my flowers are not all mulched yet - so some look just awful. I have spread 6 yards of mulch thus far. I estimate that I need to spread about 20 more yards - I slacked off for the last two years - because of a leg fracture one year and pneumonia the year before that. I am determined to catch up this year!

I have beautiful lilies blooming. My favorite are my tiger babies (peachy pink cross between tiger lilies and asiatics). I get to enjoy the ones that the venison-on-hoof have not devoured. My daylilies are starting to bloom; and with them my hydrangeas are providing a much needed dose of purple!

If you're still with me, thanks! Happy stitching! Margaret