Sunday, November 21, 2010

It's Two Beauties!!!

Here is my November ornament, and it's not even the end of the month yet - I'm trying to be some over-achiever here (NOT). This is a Floral Gift by Blackbird Designs from the JCS 2010 Christmas Ornament issue. I used the Belle Soie silk as listed and a piece of scrap 32 ct. Lakeside linen. I am a huge Blackbird Designs fan - in general, I am not drawn to primitive or quirky pieces - but Blackbird Designs is one of my faves.

This small piece was my first experience with Belle Soie, and it stitches like a dream - just enough color variation to be interesting; but there is no huge color variation where one row is adjacent to another. I immediately had to fire off an order for more Belle Soie - I ordered some for the sampler "I Sigh Not...." by C Street Samplerworks, and my LNS doesn't have the colors I want.

I finally finished The Wayward Garden by Cynthia Zittel. It is a beauty!!!! I love the colors and the graceful flowers. I wish you could see how pretty it is - my photo is just awful, but I don't want to take the time to learn to take good pictures. This one shows the colors pretty well, but it doesn't show the top border very well :-)
I need to pick another piece for orchestra rehearsal - it needs to be an easy project on 28 or 32 count. I will go stash diving, or I may be good and select a sadly neglected WIP....
I signed up for A Gathering of Embroiderers in Williamsburg in February. I've never attended this function and have never been to Williamsburg - I can't wait!!!
Happy Thanksgiving to all in the US - Margaret