Sunday, January 29, 2006

An Update, At Last

Hi, all, at long last I am taking a few minutes to update my blog. I have been doing some stitching; but I have not found a convenient way to post my progress pictures. I can use DH's digital camera; but posting the pictures takes forever. Additionally, I stitch in hand, and so my fabric is wrinkled. So now I have decided that I will not let that prevent me from updating!

The big projects I am stitching on currently include:
(1)Chatelaine's MIX on 28 ct. lt mocha Cashel linen - my other big mysteries are being stitched on this fabric as well. I am about halfway done with Part 1. There was quite a lot of stitching in this part.

(2)I am also stitching Sampler Mystery II on SW Legacy 28 ct linen. I have done the border frame - but the flowers were tedious, and so I will do a few of them each month.

(3)The third project is Amy Mitten's Not For Us Alone - and my only project that is current. This is part of the sampler stitch along at With My Needle.

My travel project is Eightsome Reel, using Vikki Clayton premium silk. I only stitch it during DS French Horn lessons and when I travel. I am really enjoying this project. It is very difficult to put it down - I estimate that it is about one-third done.

I also am current on the JCS Retro RR and JCS 2005 that I am part of. Well - I have done the stitching; I haven't made them up into ornaments yet.

My Band of Many Colors is ready at the framers. I will go and pick it up next Saturday; depending on how it turns out, I may let them take it to Woodlawn - one stitcher suggested that everyone who participated in the SAL and completed the project display theirs at Woodlawn. It should be interesting to see a group of them. Of course, I wouldn't be really entering a contest - my stitching is not of that caliber - I stitch in hand and do not railroad the stitches.

On the back burner I have Celtic Winter. I started this a long time ago; but the grays were making me crazy; so I will return to it later.

Well, this has turned into a long post, so I will close for now. I will go and check the Celebration of NW site to see if they have finished updating it yet. I have my plane tickets and hotel reservations already - so of course they have now decided to start the event a day early! Oh, well, I will just miss the first day!

Happy Stitching, Margaret in Maryland