Sunday, October 28, 2012

Battening Down the Hatches!

Hi all,

We are battening down the hatches here in Maryland, awaiting the arrival of Sandy.  So far, it has just been cloudy.  We are expecting just windy conditions - and of course our favorite - loss of power.  No coffee, no computer - I am already planning how to boil water on my gas grill so that I can at least make instant coffee.  Can you say addicted?  My spouse is out with half of the total population of Maryland making one last run at bread, milk and gasoline!  

And, just one more time, Blogger has chosen to rotate my picture!  I import the pictures into Google, save them, and then export them to a data file.  I import them into Blogger from the data file, so I am completely puzzled as to how they get rotated.  So anyway take my word for it, that this Jeannette Douglas Pumpkin Sampler is the bomb!  I always love her pieces - somehow they match her exuberant personality!  I used the recommended threads and 32 ct. Lakeside pecan butter linen.  I stitched most of this sampler on a weekend - except for the pumpkins in the middle, that are done in Mosaic stitch variations.  They gave me fits!

And then, because I couldn't resist, this is a Mystery Sal that can be found here.  I am using HDF premium silks on 28 ct fabric.  I need something to rest my eyes and to work if my lamp is not handy.  I hope this will be pretty.

I also broke down and sent some of my stitched ornament fronts to finishers - I have just not been happy with my finishing efforts - so I will continue to work on my skills, but I will have some pieces finished professionally....  I will share pics when I get them back.

That's all for now.

Happy stitching, everyone,
- Margaret C