Saturday, June 25, 2016

Since it's too hot to garden.....


Since it's too hot to garden, and I'm caught up on Game of Thrones and Hell on Wheels, I thought I would update my blog.  Here is a sampler that a French designer/stitcher graciously shared as a SAL last year - I have lost my notes so I can't give proper credit.  I used HDF silks, and used the blues and reds in different places than the designer intended:

This is a little ornament front from 2015 JCS Ornament issue.  It was my first time to use the dotted linen - it was not difficult once I learned to stab stitch rather than try to do a sewing stitch:

Here is another ornament front - this is Cherished Stitches Winter Garden.  I used the threads that came with the kit; but exchanged the linen for a 40 ct and used one strand.  The over one portion was done with Tudor silks (date).  It doesn't look as garish in real life.

I am also continuing to work on my sampler - I just finished part 8.  The rest of the stitchers are on Part 12, I believe.  Not sure why this picture keeps flipping 90 degrees.

I am also posting some pics of my yard.  These were taken in May.  The first is the front of the house - the decorative alliums and the koi pond:

One of my Itoh peony bushes (a Costco special):

 Siberian irises  in the side yard:

And DH with a fawn he found while mowing - the fawn had become trapped in our old garden space - the space was originally fenced to keep out the deer - but now we don't use the space - and it has been taken over by miscanthus (and deer apparently.)  DH turned the fawn loose in the edge of the woods in our back yard - we haven't seen it, so we assume its mom found it.

OK, better go and pack - we're off to Sydney, New South Wales next week - I get to see DS in a few days!

Happy stitching, everyone!