Sunday, February 22, 2009

Valentine, Garden Marquoir, and Ornament 2

I seem to be running on a monthly blog update schedule. So, here's a summary of my February stitching. I stitched this heart for Valentines - I used HDF silk and mystery 36 ct. linen. The pattern is a freebie, but I can't locate it now, and so I can't give credit to the very talented and generous designer.

Here is Garden Marquoir - I wish I could take a good photo of it. The colors are so spring-like. I love it when a new installment is published so I can pull it out and stitch on it. I'm using HDF Luteous Green and Rose Quartz shades. I love it!!!

I also wanted to show you my February ornie for the 2009 Christmas challenge. I stitched it with mystery HDF silks on mystery linen. This is my first attempt at at heart shaped finish. Before I start the next one, I will try to find an online tutorial. The pattern is here.
I noticed that they have started updating the Celebration of Needlework website with this year's classes. Every year, I tell myself that I won't go crazy and sign up for a bunch of classes that will later turn into PIGS or UFO's. We'll see how my will power is this year.
We have had a few days here in Maryland that would make you think that spring can't be too far away. I noticed my daffodils and allium are poking their heads out of the ground. I can hardly wait until spring really arrives!
I think I will go and pull the threads for the new BBD March stockings - they are just too cute; and not a lot of stitching involved!
Happy stitching! Margaret