Friday, October 29, 2010


Here is the great exchange I received from Chris

in the Halloween exchange on the Hooked on Exchanging blog. This pinkeep is just perfectly made and I adore the pattern. In fact I was getting ready to stitch that for myself, but I hadn't started yet, so my package arrived just in the nick of time. I am thrilled by this exchange!!!

And, from the oldies basket, I finished Just Nan's Snow! from the "In the Tin" series. I use the term finish very loosely - I like the way the top of the tin turned out; but the mitten shaped needle book gave me fits. I had worked the linen so much that it was beginning to fray badly, so I had to just call it quits and stitch it down. I am not a fan of the soft loose linens, anyway. I stitch in hand, and it is difficult to maintain the right tension when the linen has a lot of "give".

And here is my October ornament - this is Country Star by Elizabeth's designs using the recommended linen and fibers. I finished it as a flat fold, and I love it - the picture does not do it justice.

It has been a gorgeous fall here in Maryland. Yesterday we traveled to Annapolis for my son's soccer game - the trees were just beautiful! I can only imagine how pretty it is in New England when the trees turn. Annapolis is a charming town - lots of historic buildings, pedestrian malls, shops, restaurants, and of course the Capitol and the Naval Academy.

So that's pretty much it for today; except for my political plug - Be sure and go vote! If you don't, you hardly have room to complain!

Happy stitching, Margaret

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Monthly Update

Gee, I thought I was in the habit of updating weekly - but it's been more like a month since I have posted any pics. So here goes big update:

First up is Part 5 of Quaker Star with the Sticklounge group. I just love this project. The blue I selected is certainly non-traditional, but it makes me very happy. And no, I am not trying to get fancy with my photography - this is just how this picture came out!!!!

And now I'm presenting Wayward Garden by Cynthia Zittel (the Drawn Thread). She is one of my favorite designers. I have had this project kitted up since it was first published. It is stitching up like a dream! Plus it is in keeping with my projects with a "garden" theme.

And here is a finish - this was a Noel Banner SAL by a very talented and generous designer - Angie.
Despite the language barrier, she was very nice in including me in her SAL group.

And here is my September ornament - this is 'Tis Green from the JCS Christmas Ornament preview issue. I used the recommended fibers with linen from my scraps. This is one of the few patterns that I am seriously considering stitching several times more in separate colorways - can't you just see purple, green and gold for Mardi Gras?
I was thinking that my finishing skills were improving - but then I visited my LNS, the Stitching Post in Catonsville, MD, and saw some of the professionally finished projects - what a difference! But, so expensive! I intended to just go there and drop off two pieces to be framed - YEA, right - I walked out of there with a ton of stuff! I think I'm better off just ordering from my other ONS/LNS, Needlecraft Corner in Baltimore.

And from the oldie bag - I finally finished this box lid. I started this project in 1997. The designer is Amaryllis Artworks. Back then, the use of silks and overdyes was new to me; and I was soooooo nervous about messing it up and wasting my thread.
I also completed an exchange for the Hooked on Exchanging Halloween exchange. I am getting nervous because I mailed it on October 2; and I haven't heard from the recipient yet. Please, Mr. Postman, don't let us down!
That's all for now. Happy stitching, Margaret