Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Eat, read, and stitch!

As the title of this post implies, I have been doing little other than eating, reading and stitching.

The eating is an expected part of the holidays for me - Prime Rib roast, cornbread sausage dressing, sweet potato spoon bread, grilled asparagus, and best of all: bread pudding with real whipped cream. At least the major food groups, fats and sugars, are amply represented.

I have been reading, thanks to my Nook Tablet - a birthday present in early December. I thought I would like it for the magazines; but then I loaded Catherine the Great by Robert K. Massee, and I absolutely cannot put it down. It is so convenient to have it electronically - it goes everywhere with me.

Oh, as for the stitching, here is Part 2 of Heart Note Alley - I don't think I have touched this since May - and I don't know why - it is a gorgeous piece ( once again, combining purple and green).

And then for something different, here is the ANG stitch of the month project, Flowers of Italy, by Ro Pace. I used the recommended fibers. What fun - this project goes pretty fast. The only thing that slowed me down was mentally converting stitch diagrams from a needlepointer's perspective to a cross stitcher's perspective. The two most difficult parts were the Walnetto stitch, down at the lower left hand diamond - hard to get started correctly, but then it is a lovely motif. The other difficult part was finding places to bury the thread ends. I used Congress cloth - but with the open weave, it is not as forgiving as linen.

I continue to make astronomically long lists of things I want to stitch - even if I did nothing else, I wouldn't have time to get it all done.

Well, I am back to more relaxing - I think I will work on my sampler, I Sigh Not.

Until next time, Happy Stitching!

Sunday, December 04, 2011

Ta Da - some finishes!

Yea! I have finishes this weekend! First up is the lovely Purple Garden by Angie Designer, which was a Sticklounge Project. I used HDF fibers in Ultramaroon, Marsh Grass, and Nightsmoke on a piece of 32 ct. Flax linen. This project is so *me* - purple and green, flowers, geometrics, blackwork! This is in the early framing pile.

and this charmer is A la Belle Etoile (the Beautiful Star, I think), which was a SAL organized by the Thread Basket in collaboration with C Mon Monde. I used HDF fibers on a piece of 36 ct Ale linen from Picture This Plus. I really loved this linen - it is a very close second to Lakeside linen on my favorites list. This was a great fun project!

And, here is a freebie from Plum Street Samplers, loosely converted to HDF fibers and stitched on 32 ct Examplar linen. I really finished this before Thanksgiving, but am only now posting it. It came out a bit wonky - I am wondering if a little stabilizer under the linen would prevent the bulges - on the other hand, its bulges kind of mimic mine :-)

I have failed miserably at the 2011 challenge where you pick a certain number of projects, and finish them through the year. Nonetheless, I am making a never ending list of projects, new and old that I want to do next year - decisions, decisions!

Until next time, happy stitching everyone!