Sunday, February 24, 2008

A Medium HD and More STASH!!!!

Here is a crooked picture of my finished BBD Their Song. This is a really fun piece; and the colors are just amazing. What's even better is that now I have an empty project bag. What to start? Decisions, Decisions.

I also received some more stash - this is Jeanette Douglas's A Needle and Thread Sampler and Rosewood Manner's Seasons of the Trees. The Seasons is very cool - there are a lot of mini designs included - very handy for needlework smalls. The background is a fat half of LL 32 ct. Pear, the FOTM from Shakespeare's Peddler. This is a lucious fabric. I also received, but did not include in the picture four spools of silk from Vikki Clayton - two of Magpie Warbles and two of Kailslaw. I can't do any stitching for admiring my stuff!!!! LOL
Today is a lazy day - both DH and DS have nasty colds; so I am avoiding them. All we have to do today is to take DS to lacrosse practice and maybe make a quick Costco run. I think I will be good and focus on my Neighborhood RR piece. I have Rowyn's piece, and she asked for a "neighborhood-to-village" theme. I think I will stitch a park/town square for the village. The next mailing date is April 1, so I don't have to rush.
That's all for now. Happy stitching, everybody. Margaret

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Stitching Update and STASH!!!!

Here's an update on BBD's Their Song, using the recommended fabric and fibers. I estimate that I am roughly half done with this - the rest of it is mainly the verse - which should go very quickly. I normally don't go for "primitive" or "cute" designs, but I just love the BBD Loose Feathers. The colors are just fabulous.
The second picture is of my stash expansion that I received from Needlecraft Corner. The picture is not the best, but I got two BBD's - Thank You Sarah Tobias, and the newest Loose Feather; two new Dinky Dyes charts; and two new Sweetheart Tree charts.
We are keeping an eye on the weather - looks like Maryland is in for another winter storm - I wish spring would hurry up and get here!!!!!
Happy stitching, everybody, Margaret

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Many Years Sampler

This is my latest project - it is the Many Years Sampler. I think the designer's name is Gudi Kolden (although I studied German in college, that was quite a few years ago. Fortunately, much of the information about this sampler has been translated into English). I am using Viki Clayton's Old Maid of the Vineyard premium silk and 32 ct. Navy Bean Lakeside Linen. I have completed most of parts one and two - now I will have to wait till mid-March for part 3.
I am still determined that I won't start anything new until I clear out a project bag to use; so I think I will now go and see what can be done the quickest so that I can empty a bag.
I have been checking on the Celebrations web site to see the pics of the classes they're offering. There are so many there to tempt me - my credit card will be getting a workout for sure.
My Lenten roses are blooming; and I've noticed my daffodils poking some leaves up above the soil - so can spring be far away? I can't wait to get back out into the garden! I need to go and purchase some deer repellent for my lilies, hostas, daylilies, - the list goes on and on, but you get the idea.
Well, that's all for now - my DS stayed home today with a bad cold - so we have just been lazy today - such a nice way to spend the day!
Happy stitching, everybody! Margaret

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


I know that most people look forward to a snow day - but we are having an ice day here in Maryland! They originally announced that there was a two hour school delay; and then they just cancelled school. So, I am staying home with DS. Fortunately, we have not lost power (knock on wood) - so maybe a Valentine treat is in order - I'm thinking of a Red Velvet cake. It doesn't look like I will be making my usual trek to Godiva for Valentines for DH and DS.

I finished stitching my Valentine project - this is a small from the Gift of Stitching magazine. It is stitched on 32 ct. Summer Sunset Lugana from Silkweaver. The thread is Viki Clayton's Enchantress premium silk. It is really more charming in real life - you all know that I am no photographer.

So now, I think I will go and pull out a project I have not worked on for a while. I also want to baste my fabric for the Spanish Sampler Mystery project by Periphaeria Designs - I am intrigued by the basting pattern - and I am enthralled with Mystery samplers in general.

Happy stitching! Margaret

Monday, February 11, 2008

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Here is the completed part two of the Papillon Creations mystery How Does Your Garden Grow? This is such a fun stitch! I normally work in hand (that's why all my WIP photos are wrinkled) - but this part had satin stitches - I absolutely cannot get them to lay parallel without using the Q-snaps.
I also started the Chatelaine Mystery XI - every year I say I won't succumb - but then I have a change in heart after I see the WIPs - maybe one of these years I'll actually keep up and finish one! Wish me luck! I have seen some of these Mystery Mandalas completed - and I do love them; but they ARE such a huge commitment of stitching time, and huge investment in supplies, that I'm hoping one of these days my better judgement will prevail - NOT!!!!!!
Now I'm off to see if there are any Nashville reports posted yet! Happy stitching, everybody! Margaret

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Latest WIP

Hi! I just had to show you this - it is the Victorian Sewing Box insert, designed by Catherine Strickler/Indigo Rose. This is from a class I took the first year I attended Celebrations in NH. (at least I think it was the first year). This project is positively addicting - I love IR designs - I love the elegance and the fact that the pieces don't take forever to complete. I pulled this out because I am cleaning out my junk- er, craft closet and I uncovered the beautiful rosewood box for this project. The rosewood box is still in its cardboard box - well protected, but not being enjoyed - so what's the point of having it?

So I have been working on this project this week. I am hoping I can finish it next weekend. Then I will need to get started on my next Neighborhood RR.
I have been busy all day, making King Cake and other goodies for Tuesday. Gotta go now and watch the Super Bowl (and sneak in some stitching)!
Bye for now, Margaret