Sunday, March 30, 2008

Many Years Sampler, Part 3

I finally took time to stitch my Many Years Sampler, and am almost done with Part 3 - it is such fun to stitch. I have only a little more to do - I usually don't stitch motifs until I get the chart for the whole piece - so I think I'll finish this up this evening.
I am also posting my poor start on Part 2 of my SALexandre - I did the letters one stitch too short - so their bottoms had to be unstitched - what a pain on 40 ct. I am loving this project also - or at least I was until I discovered my mistake.
I finally got a little yard work done yesterday - cut back some ornamental grasses, planted a box of alliums that had been living in my garage over the winter - they had sprouted, but I figured I may as well go ahead and plant them. I think I will buy a bunch more this year and surround my daylilies with them - the deer don't seem to bother plants that are surrounded with daffodils or alliums. I also got out my trusty sprayer and sprayed Liquid Fence on all my plantings.
Blooming today: Daffodils and Hellebores
Happy stitching! Margaret

Monday, March 24, 2008

New Project

I have been stitching on the SALexandre available here. The directions say to stitch over one; but I am stitching over two on 40 ct Silkweaver Days Gone By Linen. I am using one strand of Vikki Clayton Examplar Blueberry Soup. I have two spools of this color - it is great to stitch with.
Not much other news - today was the last day of DS's spring break - he is back to school tomorrow. We have gotten lazy over the last week, so tomorrow will be tough.
On the gardening front, my early miniature daffodils are in full bloom; the large ones are showing color; and the grass is in that scraggly stage - some brown patches, some green patches, an uneven height - I think Mr. Lawn Mower will get to come out and play this weekend.
Happy stitching! Margaret

Saturday, March 22, 2008

How Does Your Garden Grow, Part 3

I finished Part 3 of How Does Your Garden Grow from Papillon Creations last night - I think it took three episodes of the Dog Whisperer and maybe one of Clean House (I know my taste in tv shows is rather bland). This is such a fun project!!! I am not liking the yello I started with and so I am trying out a pale yellow - it really calms the piece down - now it reminds me of coneflowers, asters and coreopsis "Moonshine" - one of my favorite garden combinations. I selected some pearl beads to use for it - they are very subtle, which I like.

Now I'm off to purchase a ham (if they're not all gone). I usually buy a Honeybaked, but this year I waited too late - the line would be a mile long!!!! I think I'll check out the garden center while I'm out. We are having an overcast day - my heart goes out to those in the mid west - snow storms and flooding - such a difficult time.

Happy stitching! Margaret

Friday, March 21, 2008

Wiehenberg Mystery Quaker 2008

I am having so much fun stitching this piece that I have not put it down yet. These pictures show my progress - I have stitched through page 8 (I have not stitched a few stitches here and there on the border of the pages). The main group is on page 14 - so I actually have dreams that I may catch up in the next month or so. Think that's possible?
Well, actually, that's not very likely - I am putting it down now to do part 3 of the Papillon Creations Mystery; and then I'm debating starting the Spanish Sampler Mystery by Lady Periphaeria. I already have my fabric basted - so it's just a matter of picking some colors and taking the first stitch. That project is charted for deep red, deep purple and deep amber - but those colors don't really go in my house - my house is mostly tans, greens, and blues. I think I will get out my box of Viki Clayton silks and play around with colors.
It is a gorgeous spring day here - you can almost see the flower bulbs grow. Some of my early daffodils are starting to show color. I need to get out and clean my perennial borders; and cut back the ornamental grasses; and order mulch; and the list goes on and on. I think I will expand my blogging to include gardening this year.
Happy stitching, Margaret

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Minor progress

Here is a shot of the 2008 Mystery Quaker - I have now completed page 3. It seems like this project is going slowly - each motif has a lot of stitches and takes forever - but it is really lovely. I think I will continue with this project through this week; and then I will switch to whichever project bag is screaming the loudest.
It is sixty and sunshiny here today - time to get out and spruce up the yard. I noticed that my Lenten roses are blooming - won't be long until the cherries and daffodils begin. I've also seen some early forsythia - so lovely.
Happy stitching, everybody, Margaret

Sunday, March 09, 2008

2008 Quaker Mystery - Part 1

Well, wouldn't you know that it wouldn't take me long to find a project to work on? This is a picture of Wiehenburg's 2008 Quaker Mystery Sampler. I have completed page 1 and done part of page 2. I think the group is up to page 13 or so (I am woefully behind). I am using Vikki Clayton's premium silk in Magpie Warbles on 32 ct. LL Peddler's Moon. I really like the blue. This makes a pretty nice travel project - easy stitching, no thread color changes, etc. - so I think I will stitch on this on Wednesday (DS's French horn lesson) and Saturday (DS Chamber Orchestra rehersal). DS is playing lacrosse this spring; and I think I will have to pay attention to the whole game to learn the rules - so no spectator-stitching for me this spring.

I also have pulled out Marquior Bleu et Rouge - I quit working on it because I was not happy with my accent color - I have now ordered a new accent color - so once it arrives I will use some of it, and let you see an update. It is a humongous project - but I just love it. I need to find some time to work on this piece, too.
There are just too many projects I want to do!!!! But I think that since it is just a hobby, if it gives me more pleasure to plan and start projects, than to worry about finishing one before starting another or sticking to a strict routine - who's complaining?????
Until next time, Happy stitching! Margaret

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Rowyn's Neighborhood Round Robin

Here is the block I stitched for Rowyn's Neighborhood RR. It is part of the G is for Garden chart by Prairie Schooler using the recommended fibers. This is the first Prairie Schooler design that I've ever stitched - and I loved it so much that I promptly ordered their new charts!!!! I hope Rowyn likes this park/garden for her village. The second picture is her whole piece - the photo is poor, and I did not iron the piece (why iron when it is just going to get folded and put in the mail in a month?????? is that a good enough reason not to iron?) Well, maybe a compromise with the iron is needed - next time if DH is doing the photography I will iron the piece first so he has something good to work with.
Despite the wrinkles and the shadows, I hope you can tell that this is really a charming piece. The little chapel with the gravestones that Von stitched is just the most charming thing in the world!
This picture is my new STASH! The background is one of my new fabrics from Sassy's. I ordered the sampler pack - I have never tried her fabric before - but many bloggers rave about it - I love the colors; so I will put in a few stitches tonight and try it out. (Reason enough to start something new)
The fibers are Vikki Clayton silks - the Spools of the Month, the fibers to the left of the spools are for the Spanish Mystery Sampler, and the blue skeins on the right are Paua Abalone.
Oh, and before I forget, I got up at the crack of doom on Saturday (getting up early is really normal for me, but usually I just chug coffee for half an hour) - but March 1 I had to get up to send in my registration for Celebrations in NH. I still really want to attend the one in KY also. I'll have to keep an eye out for sale airline fares.
Happy stitching, everybody! Margaret