Sunday, March 30, 2008

Many Years Sampler, Part 3

I finally took time to stitch my Many Years Sampler, and am almost done with Part 3 - it is such fun to stitch. I have only a little more to do - I usually don't stitch motifs until I get the chart for the whole piece - so I think I'll finish this up this evening.
I am also posting my poor start on Part 2 of my SALexandre - I did the letters one stitch too short - so their bottoms had to be unstitched - what a pain on 40 ct. I am loving this project also - or at least I was until I discovered my mistake.
I finally got a little yard work done yesterday - cut back some ornamental grasses, planted a box of alliums that had been living in my garage over the winter - they had sprouted, but I figured I may as well go ahead and plant them. I think I will buy a bunch more this year and surround my daylilies with them - the deer don't seem to bother plants that are surrounded with daffodils or alliums. I also got out my trusty sprayer and sprayed Liquid Fence on all my plantings.
Blooming today: Daffodils and Hellebores
Happy stitching! Margaret

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