Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Minor progress

Here is a shot of the 2008 Mystery Quaker - I have now completed page 3. It seems like this project is going slowly - each motif has a lot of stitches and takes forever - but it is really lovely. I think I will continue with this project through this week; and then I will switch to whichever project bag is screaming the loudest.
It is sixty and sunshiny here today - time to get out and spruce up the yard. I noticed that my Lenten roses are blooming - won't be long until the cherries and daffodils begin. I've also seen some early forsythia - so lovely.
Happy stitching, everybody, Margaret

1 comment:

Kathy A. said...

How beautiful Margo. I am a sucker for blue and love that shade. look forward to watching your progress. I know a few Canadian friends who could use a touch of spring about now!! LOL