Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Never enough time

I have decided to set up a rotation in hopes that I will finally finish SOMETHING!!! My tastes seem to go to large projects; the amount of time I have seems better suited to tiny projects. Here's the plan:

1. Stitch the Retro RR ornament as soon as the supplies arrive.

2. Monday - Celtic Winter

3. Tuesday - Mystery VIII

4. Wednesday - Band of Many Colors Sampler

5. Thursday - choice of projects

6. Friday - archived project of choice

7. Saturday - Celtic Winter

8. Sunday - Mystery VIII

I have been working on my Celtic Winter; the picture is not very interesting yet; right now I am working on the swirls at the bottom of the skirt - I don't like working with metallics (although I adore the way they look), so I am trying to get this out of the way early.

This past weekend, my stamping buddy from Charlotte NC came up to spend the weekend. We discovered a fabulous stamping/scrapbooking store and stamp club. Now I am hoping my inky fingers don't discolor my linen. We also painted one wall in the garage while my friend was here - not everybody you know is willing to help you paint your garage!!!!! She has my undying gratitude.

Oh, my Expressions linen Silkweaver Fabric of the Month arrived today. It is gorgeous. I couldn't be more pleased. It is the only stash I will be getting for a while. I have to save up for Chatelaine Mystery IX and Sampler Mystery II and Pearl Lights and Smalls (the list is endless!!!)

Well, that's all for now. Happy stitching, Margaret

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Quick update

I don't have progress pics right now - but I will try to post some tomorrow. I finished my little dragon for the JCS Retro ornie RR - he is just adorable. I guess I was being cranky in my last post, when I was complaining about him. Anyway, I restitched him on Mocha Cashel, and am happy with the results. Thank goodness I had only used the DMC floss on my first attempt when I discovered my error - and I had plenty of floss to restitch him.

I started my Celtic Ladies SAL. I selected Celtic Winter and am using 28 ct. opalescent Lugana, Winter Skye, by Silkweaver. I am working on the right hand side border - so that I have something to count against when I do the dress. Two other reasons - I was concerned that the border would be boring because it is repetitive, and I need to get it done while I am enthusiastic about the project; and also I haven't decided whether to go with grays for the dress, or move more to blues. So far I am loving the project.

I decided to go with Silkweavers FOTM for the next six months as my prize for the Summer Fun Event. I just love the hand dyed fabrics, and can't get enough of them.

It has rained and rained this weekend. We certainly needed it; but I have 300 daffodil bulbs in my garage waiting to be planted. I wish they were in the ground!!! This afternoon while DH and DS are footballing I am going to the nursery and buy some mums - I just can't resist any longer. I may get some pansies also. Then tomorrow (a holiday) I am going to visit a LNS (the first since moving to Maryland). I have been in mourning because I miss the Stitch N Frame Shop (Rock Hill SC) since my move - I am now over that!!!

Happy stitching, Margaret