Sunday, December 21, 2008


Here is a picture of the lovely angel that Carol stitched for my tree. She is so lovely - I had DH take this photo so that everyone else could see how charming this ornament is.

This is a snap of the ornaments and the goodies I received in the ornament swap that Meg organized:

Kirsi stitched this ornament - I'm not sure of the designer; but from the photo you can admire its simple elegance. It looks just beautiful on my tree. Kirsi also stitched the lovely card. Meg added some goodies to the bag - the chocolates she included did not last until picture day. I really enjoyed participating in this exchange.
Well, I'm off to bake cookies for the mail man and the milk man. They always do a great job of protecting my packages, and making sure my milk stays cool, I want to show them some appreciation. I have been spending some time visiting old unfinished, but not abandoned, projects. I'll show some progress pictures in a day or two.
Happy stitching! Margaret

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Sunday, December 07, 2008

Gloire du Matin, Finis

YEA!!! This is Gloire du Matin finished! It is beautiful. Carol and I were doing this as a SAL on Saturday. Carol finished hers yesterday; but I didn't get quite so far along - I had planned to finish it next Saturday, although I hated to put it away. When I saw this morning that Carol had finished hers, I decided to finish mine today. This was a quick stitch, and oh so pretty.
So now, I'd better get back to working on some ornaments - I have several stitched; but they need the final finishing; but the stitching is so much more fun!!!!
Happy stitching! Margaret