Sunday, November 30, 2008

Gloire du Matin, Semaine Trois

Here is my progress on Gloire du Matin, week three. I actually cheated a little bit - I'm supposed to be stitching this on Saturday - but I only had about ten minutes to stitch on Saturday, so I put in a couple of hours today (sorry, Carol!). Nonetheless, my SAL buddy is still way ahead of me. I'm still loving this piece.

I just received an e-mail from the Drawn Thread, showing a new release - Moonlight Garden. My clicky finger has ordered it already - I plan to get the fabric and silk using my birthday discount at Needlecraft Corner.

So, you may ask why I didn't have time to stitch on Saturday - I was on the sidelines of the field at a soccer tournament - screaming my head off - cheering my team on, not booing the other team. It paid off, though - DS's team ended up winning the tournament. I'll post pictures soon.

Happy stitching! Margaret

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Gloire du Matin, Week 2

This is my progress on Gloire du Matin after the second Saturday of stitching. I'm loving this piece - I stitch on it while the DS is in orchestra practice, which is about two hours. Next Saturday, DS is in a soccer tournament; so my stitching will be limited. They will play on Friday and Saturday, and if they win, they will also play on Sunday. They have a team that the coach put together - so they have been practicing at every opportunity!

This is another finish - this was a SAL from a French blog - Sapin d'Elisa. I used HDF premium floss in Fried Pickles and a piece of scrap floss for the monogram on Country French linen in Latte. The buttons are Mother of Pearl - they are a bit big for the piece; I may change them out if I find some other buttons. These buttons are just beautiful, and I thought they needed to be showcased.

And finally, I will leave you with a picture of Osama bin Kitty. She terrorizes my other indoor cat, and the people in the house. She loves the Labrador - she climbs on top of him and kneads his fir. She also jumps off the back of the couch onto his tail when it's wagging - she ends up going splat on the floor - maybe that's why she's so crazy.

Off to do some stitching - should I be good and stitch on something that 's already started or start something new? Hmmm, I'll have to think about it.

Happy stitching, Margaret

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Gloire du Matin, Week 1

Here is my progress on The Drawn Thread's Gloire du Matin. Carol
and I are stitching this on Saturdays. She is way ahead of me on this project - she is an amazingly fast stitcher; and all of her stitches are perfection. Anyway, you can view her blog to see a good photo of this project. I would be much further along if I had not had to spend so much time unstitching yesterday! I had intended to spend all day stitching; but we left the house at 8:30, and didn't get home until almost 5 pm - DS had soccer practice, orchestra practice, soccer team party, and then an audition for Jr. All State. And of course, each of these events were in different towns. We were exhausted when we finally got home. It was more like a work day than a Saturday.

Since I am finally posting after an extended absence, here is another pic of a WIP. This is Appalachian Rose, a stitching smalls set by Indigo Rose. Last weekend, I attended this class and the Persian Pocket class by Cynthia Zittel (The Drawn Thread) in New Hampshire. These are two of my favorite designers, so I could not resist attending this class. Of course, going to New Hampshire has an additional bonus of getting to see Carol!
Now I'm off to finish a couple of ornaments for some exchanges.
Until next time, Happy stitching! Margaret