Friday, September 30, 2005

Time to Start Over

Gosh darn it!!! I miscounted on my ornament for the JCS Retro RR. My little dragon's tail is practically at his nose; and his arm and leg are not aligned. So, now, I can choose between the lovely options of unstitching about half of the little guy or starting over. Well, time is valuable, and a little floss and lugana are not hard to come by, so I think today I will start over.

I am still working to integrate my CATS purchases with my stash. I will have to go and get a plastic storage box for some of the older kits I guess.

That's all for now, Happy stitching, Margaret

Monday, September 26, 2005

Just Too Much Fun

Once again I have been busy and let the time go by without updating my blog.

I have fabulous news!!!! I was the lucky winner of the Silkweaver Summer Fun Event!!! I found out about it right before I left to go to Hershey for CATS. I was just too excited!!! I am still deciding between some large fabrics or the FOTM for six months. What a dilema!!!

CATS was great fun. I bought way too much stuff; and took 8 classes. Then my DH and DS came up to join me and we visited Choclate World and toured Amish country. Thank goodness we have friends in Hershey that let me stay with them!!!!

I also received my first ornament pack from my JCS Retro RR. I started it this evening. It looks like it will be adorable.

Still don't have my fabric for my LL Celtic Lady SAL. I will be starting out way behind everyone else - well, some things can't be helped.

That's all for now, happy stitching, Margaret

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Where does the time go?

I cannot believe that it has been so long since I last posted. I do so admire people like Carol that update everyday without fail.

This is my favorite time of year - football season, perfect for stitching. I have been working on my Bands of Many Colors. It is part of a SAL that goes through the end of the year. I am finding it maddening - the right margin is not consistent (although this is typical of old samplers) and furthermore some motifs that I think should be centered are not. Of course I would never check something like that out BEFORE I stitch it - and now I've stitched the darn thing over one - and the debate is raging about whether to leave it as charted or re-do. I'll never let on what I decide. One more complaint and I'll move on - my chart does not contain one set of alphabet letters that is used in the chart. I've tried to chart my own, but it's not great. oh, one more thing - I don't mean this as negative towards the designer - I have taken several classes with Eileen Bennett - and have thoroughly enjoyed them and learned a lot. I'm thinking that it is just this one chart that I don't get along with. I will post pics soon. I stitch in hand, and so if I took in progress pictures they would look awful because of the wrinkles.

Yesterday I attended an EGA Class for this project - Strauss by Dakota Rogers. I am really starting to enjoy canvas work - it goes so quickly.

I also discovered a great web site for blackwork - Stitchin'spiration.. This is a fabulous web site that combines two of my favorite things - blackwork and gardens. They also have a Katrina charity sampler that I just got. It is on the short list of new projects.

I have not yet started my Celtic Lady. I am having trouble finding that perfect fabric. I plan to look in Hershey this weekend. I will be starting out behind everybody else - but that can't be helped at this point.

Well, I'm back to my stitching chair. Happy stitching, Margaret

Monday, September 05, 2005

Christmas Ornament and Greeting Cards

This is the ornament I stitched for the Retro JCS Ornament Exchange on the Ornie RR ezboard. The title is Poinsettia by Amaryllis Artworks. This is another chance to practice my finishing techniques. I do have a good excuse to put off finishing this, however. I have enrolled in a finishing class at the upcoming CATS in Hershey, PA, so it just makes sense to wait until after the class to tackle this project. It's not often that a really good excuse presents itself!!!!
Poinsettia by Amaryllis Artworks Posted by Picasa
Here is a photo of the Pleated Card I made at Stamp Club yesterday. I don't think the photo does it justice. Yesterday I also stitched a quick card for a friend. This is called embroidery on paper, and it is quick and easy!!!!

While I was suring the web this morning, I came across another project by Martina Weber that I simply must do - the Persian iris garden. I truly fit the description of a Chatelaine addict. Now I really am going to work on Mystery VIII this evening. Happy stitching, Margaret

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Here is a photo of a Christmas ornament that I stitched yesterday. It is a Genny Morrow design titled Holiday Charm I. I signed up for a cyberclass because I am not familiar with stitching on canvas. It was a quick and easy project, and didn't turn out too bad; but I didn't get any stitching done on Mystery VIII yesterday. I am a relative novice at finishing (and it shows), but this will be a good practice project.

Holiday Charm I Posted by Picasa

This morning I discovered links to some charts that the designers have designated as being dedicated to Hurricane Katrina Relief Efforts. Basically, the designer will either donate some of their profits, or send you a free chart after you have donated to one of the major charities. YEA!!!! I signed up for them right away. Here is one link I found at Stitching Bits and Blobs. Of course, it's not like I need more projects to do, but this is for a good cause.

Well, I'm off to get my stuff ready for stamp club this afternoon. I will publish photos of some of my stamping projects soon. I think they are great because you get almost instant gratification, especially as compared to year long stitching projects; not to mention that paper and ink is relatively inexpensive compared to linen and silk!!!!

Tonight I plan to select my fabric for the Celtic Ladies SAL that I am starting this month.

Happy stitching, Margaret

Friday, September 02, 2005

Hi! I am now back home after spending the last week at a training session in Denver, CO. It is a gorgeous part of the country - much different than the highly populated suburban Maryland that I live in.

All the time that I was not in class, I spent glued to the television to get news of Katrina. My father and his wife live very near Picayune, MS. They actually evacuated to Jackson, MS during the passage of the storm. My father called me on Tuesday to let me know he was fine. He then called later in the week to say that they had returned home; their house is basically intact, but has a few trees on it. They have no power and no telepones or cell phones - that is why I have not been able to reach them. They had to cut brush away in order to get to their house. He last called me from Baton Rouge, where he had gone to try to get gasoline for his generator. My uncle's house, which is nearby, similarly did not get major damage. My father said other areas nearby are just devastated. Our family has a happy story - The good Lord was looking after them.

Words are not adequate to express how overwhelming the whole situation is; or how my heart goes out to all of those affected. It is so incredible that in this day and age, our country, with all its wealth and resources at its disposal, still has difficulty providing the needed assistance in a crisis situation. It certainly puts our minor annoyances in perspective. Maybe I'll be in a cheerier mood tomorrow. Margaret