Sunday, July 15, 2012

Lots of Pics today


I have lots of pics to show today - most of it is trying to catch up with pictures that I should have posted long ago.  First up is my SAL al Castello by nikyscreations.  I finished this little pin pillow with a scissor pocket in back - just adorable!  It didn't come out too bad.

Then, here is a picture that the camera/software programs are trying to "help" me with - these are the Flora McSample ornaments from 2011 by Lizzie Kate, pattern passed on from my good stitching buddy Carol S.  I used the recommended threads and linen, only in a 32 ct.  I was intrigued by the name of the linen, Milk Chocolate, and had to try it out.  It is stiff - but easy to stitch. I will give it another trial with silk threads before I pass a verdict on whether I like it or not.

And here is my ornament, with a bonus stray thread, that I love, love, love.  I stitched it for an exchange, and then loved it so much, I stitched one for myself before putting the materials away.  This is the Quaker Bird ornament from LHN, using HDF silks.

Speaking of adorable,  here are the stockings from JBW Designs Red Stocking Collection Two.  I have to confess, I couldn't get up my nerve to tackle finishing these, so I had a nice lady in Baton Rouge finish them.  They are finished to perfection, fully lined and backed with a batik fabric that matches perfectly.  The cost was reasonable and service was friendly and lightning fast - if anyone would like the contact, please send me an e-mail separately.
And here are two ornaments that I received from HoE exchanges.  Anne had my name two times in a row (lucky me!) and I received these gorgeous ornaments, and goodies too!  I love the blackwork partridge - I've been drooling over this pattern ever since I first saw it.  It is stitched on the fabulous sparkle fabric that just sets it off perfectly - I LOVE IT!
 And here is the ornament Anne stitched for me in the Prairie Schooler exchange - again perfectly finished and just absolutely charming!
Last of all, here is Part 3 of my Dawn of Spring sampler - I don't know why this picture is such a bust - at least it hides my messy bullion stitches.  I couldn't remember how to do them at first; so I need to take out the first few and replace them - LATER!
All for now,  Bye!

Sunday, July 08, 2012

Quick update

Here is a picture of Part 2 of my Dawn of Spring sampler.  Being optimistic, I already stitched the date on this piece.  I decided to add some color, so I added Waterlilies Hyacinth for the spider web roses - I have some beads that pick up the blue/purple colors - so once I add them, I hope the blue will pop.

My hyacinths in my real garden are suffering this year - the crepe myrtles that will eventually give the hyacinths some shade are not big enough to do their job yet, and this 100+ degree weather makes the poor plants wilt by the end of the day.  I have a lot of plants that are loving this weather - the crepe myrtles, lantana, and graveyard lilies are just gorgeous.  When I was young, I loved this weather too - but now I have to douse down in SPF 100 - so going outside is a bother.

So, with one sideways picture, I will turn my attention back to playing with that puppy!

Happy stitching till next time,
Margaret C

Wednesday, July 04, 2012


As the title of this post should imply,  I am frustrated with the computer once again.  I simply cannot understand why they can't just leave a computer software setup ALONE - once it works, why monkey around with it?  Not all of us care to spend our limited computer time learning some new way of doing things without an obvious corresponding benefit.  At least I have finally figured out how to get Google chrome and blogger to work, at least partially.

OK, I feel better now getting that off my chest.  On to the fun stuff:  stitching.  My time has been very limited.  We have a new puppy in the house - and she takes all my free time.  It's fun and worth it in the long run, but it is a lot of work.

First up is the lovely Mystery SAL al Castello.  This is my progress through part 3.  I love the peacock!

And this is a newcomer to the project list:  this is Dawn of Spring, a SAL affiliated with the Friendly Stitchers Yahoo group.  They are a lovely group of people mostly from the UK - and have great projects!  I am using HDF Luteousness on PTP Legacy Edinburgh linen.  I am way behind on this project - need to get in gear to catch up.

And, here is my second reason for computer frustration.  Somehow the software has decided to rotate my pictures once again - and in the software's efforts to "help" me, I can't convince it to show the picture in the correct orientation.  So crane your neck, and enjoy Part 7 of  Lavender Blue.

That's all for now.  I am headed out to collect up the bushel of leaves that were blown into my pool during the Friday night storms here in Maryland, and then will relax by the pool during the hot part of the day.

Happy stitching, Margaret