Sunday, July 08, 2012

Quick update

Here is a picture of Part 2 of my Dawn of Spring sampler.  Being optimistic, I already stitched the date on this piece.  I decided to add some color, so I added Waterlilies Hyacinth for the spider web roses - I have some beads that pick up the blue/purple colors - so once I add them, I hope the blue will pop.

My hyacinths in my real garden are suffering this year - the crepe myrtles that will eventually give the hyacinths some shade are not big enough to do their job yet, and this 100+ degree weather makes the poor plants wilt by the end of the day.  I have a lot of plants that are loving this weather - the crepe myrtles, lantana, and graveyard lilies are just gorgeous.  When I was young, I loved this weather too - but now I have to douse down in SPF 100 - so going outside is a bother.

So, with one sideways picture, I will turn my attention back to playing with that puppy!

Happy stitching till next time,
Margaret C

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