Sunday, March 09, 2014

Wrinkles in Progress


This is an update on my active WIPs.  After I looked at my photos, I decided that the "W" should stand for Wrinkles - I stitch in hand, and am too lazy to iron my pieces just for a photo - so I hope no one is offended by the messiness...

First up is one of the first sampler charts I ever purchased:  It is the Time and Season Sampler by Moira Blackburn.  The price sticker is dated 2-99.  I am using 36 ct. Vintage Examplar linen and good old DMC.  The colors are a bit funky - they remind me of the colors that were popular back in the 80's and 90's - I waffle back and forth on whether I like them or not.  I estimate that I am almost 25% done with this one.

 And here is my progress on And They Sinned.  I am using the charted threads and 36 ct Autumn Fields linen. This is so much fun to stitch, with all the bright colors and little motifs.  I will not like it so much when I get to the massive amounts of green on the lower parts of the design.  I am almost done with Page 1 of 4.
 And this little charmer is Les Quatre Saisons by Isabell Mazabraud-Kerlan, using the charted threads and linen.  The chart is in the Summer 2011 issue of SANQ.

I am sorely tempted to start something new, but I am trying to wait until I finish at least one of these!  Once spring arrives, my stitching time will disappear in the flurry of yard work that has to be done.  I noticed that my Lenten roses are blooming; and buds on my camellias are getting fatter.  D*** deer ate all my buds from 3 of my camellias and the Gumpo azaleas planted nearby.  It's not enough that their ticks gave me Lyme disease; they have to add insult to injury by eating my flowers that are right up by my house!

Oh, I am now definitely jealous of my little brother - he just became a grandpa for the cutest little girl you've ever seen.  I can't wait to see Sophie, hopefully this summer.  I am hoping I get grandchildren before I get too old to enjoy them!

Well, that's it for today.  Off to watch more Netflix drama series.

-Happy stitching!  Margaret