Sunday, September 18, 2011

Still stitching away!

It looks like Blogger is having its way with the orientation of my photos again! You would think that with all the smart people working on these programs, someone could fix this problem. But no, we have to look at things sideways. On the bright side, maybe you will concentrate on the orientation and overlook the wrinkles. I stitch in hand, and this linen is impervious to the iron! I haven't updated I Sigh Not in a long time, so I decided to post this pic, even though it is wrinkled. This sampler is so difficult to put down! My goal is to finish it by the end of the year - I still believe that is possible.

And here is my version of the iStitch mystery SAL, completed through part 4. I just adore this piece.

I am still frantically trying to stay current with the SAL Romantique. It takes a lot of my stitching time. but it is so lovely, it's worth it. Then also vying for attention are Purple Garden Heart Note Alley, and Spanish Mystery Sampler. This is not even considering the gazillion of projects kitted up! Such a terrible problem to have - ROFL.

Well we have survived two deluges of rain in the past few weeks; no water in the basement, but the gardens have weeds as high as an elephant's eye. I need to go out and tackle them. I am also replanting my back flower garden with more deer resistant plantings - lots of fragrant and prickly foliage. I had to throw out all of my bearded iris because I couldn't eradicate the borers. I have been treating the soil all summer; so I plan to plant some new fans this fall and hope for the best.

That's all I have for now. Bye, Margaret

Still stitching away!

Monday, September 05, 2011

Finally Finished Something!!!

And here it is:

Margaret W. Brown 1838

Adaptation by Milady's Needle

AVAS Threads and Lakeside Linen

When I started this, I was not too sure about the colors. They are kind of *garish*. But after looking at it for a while, I decided that this was really in keeping with the fashionable colors of the era - and so I continued with it. I do love how it turned out. And, even better, now I get to start something new for my travel project. Happily, this coincides with the resumption of orchestra, soccer and ice hockey practice seasons - so I should have much time to stitch. Right now, the favored candidate is Mary Pearce Drown from the recent SANQ. My only requirement for a travel project is that the piece not be fussy - not a lot of counting and not a lot of color changes. This small sampler should work perfectly.

I'm still plugging away at SAL Romantique - only three more sections to go.

And, Purple Garden is at the half way mark. I made a huge goof in Part 1, and so am having to compensate - but I think it will work out okay. I'm certainly not going to rip it out and restitch - life's too short.

And the iStitch SAL - this is part 2 completed.

We have had a good holiday weekend - visited with some old friends, made a new friend - turns out the new person grew up about 30 miles from me in Mississippi and we both attended Mississippi State - although about 10 years apart -small world. We also discovered a great small Pennsylvania winery - Waltz vineyards - and revisited a new microbrewery - Bube's. If you are ever in Amish country - I would highly recommend these places. DS is at the beach with one of his friends and family - so all is quiet around here.

Until next time, happy stitching everyone!