Monday, September 05, 2011

Finally Finished Something!!!

And here it is:

Margaret W. Brown 1838

Adaptation by Milady's Needle

AVAS Threads and Lakeside Linen

When I started this, I was not too sure about the colors. They are kind of *garish*. But after looking at it for a while, I decided that this was really in keeping with the fashionable colors of the era - and so I continued with it. I do love how it turned out. And, even better, now I get to start something new for my travel project. Happily, this coincides with the resumption of orchestra, soccer and ice hockey practice seasons - so I should have much time to stitch. Right now, the favored candidate is Mary Pearce Drown from the recent SANQ. My only requirement for a travel project is that the piece not be fussy - not a lot of counting and not a lot of color changes. This small sampler should work perfectly.

I'm still plugging away at SAL Romantique - only three more sections to go.

And, Purple Garden is at the half way mark. I made a huge goof in Part 1, and so am having to compensate - but I think it will work out okay. I'm certainly not going to rip it out and restitch - life's too short.

And the iStitch SAL - this is part 2 completed.

We have had a good holiday weekend - visited with some old friends, made a new friend - turns out the new person grew up about 30 miles from me in Mississippi and we both attended Mississippi State - although about 10 years apart -small world. We also discovered a great small Pennsylvania winery - Waltz vineyards - and revisited a new microbrewery - Bube's. If you are ever in Amish country - I would highly recommend these places. DS is at the beach with one of his friends and family - so all is quiet around here.

Until next time, happy stitching everyone!

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