Sunday, March 09, 2008

2008 Quaker Mystery - Part 1

Well, wouldn't you know that it wouldn't take me long to find a project to work on? This is a picture of Wiehenburg's 2008 Quaker Mystery Sampler. I have completed page 1 and done part of page 2. I think the group is up to page 13 or so (I am woefully behind). I am using Vikki Clayton's premium silk in Magpie Warbles on 32 ct. LL Peddler's Moon. I really like the blue. This makes a pretty nice travel project - easy stitching, no thread color changes, etc. - so I think I will stitch on this on Wednesday (DS's French horn lesson) and Saturday (DS Chamber Orchestra rehersal). DS is playing lacrosse this spring; and I think I will have to pay attention to the whole game to learn the rules - so no spectator-stitching for me this spring.

I also have pulled out Marquior Bleu et Rouge - I quit working on it because I was not happy with my accent color - I have now ordered a new accent color - so once it arrives I will use some of it, and let you see an update. It is a humongous project - but I just love it. I need to find some time to work on this piece, too.
There are just too many projects I want to do!!!! But I think that since it is just a hobby, if it gives me more pleasure to plan and start projects, than to worry about finishing one before starting another or sticking to a strict routine - who's complaining?????
Until next time, Happy stitching! Margaret

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