Sunday, January 29, 2006

An Update, At Last

Hi, all, at long last I am taking a few minutes to update my blog. I have been doing some stitching; but I have not found a convenient way to post my progress pictures. I can use DH's digital camera; but posting the pictures takes forever. Additionally, I stitch in hand, and so my fabric is wrinkled. So now I have decided that I will not let that prevent me from updating!

The big projects I am stitching on currently include:
(1)Chatelaine's MIX on 28 ct. lt mocha Cashel linen - my other big mysteries are being stitched on this fabric as well. I am about halfway done with Part 1. There was quite a lot of stitching in this part.

(2)I am also stitching Sampler Mystery II on SW Legacy 28 ct linen. I have done the border frame - but the flowers were tedious, and so I will do a few of them each month.

(3)The third project is Amy Mitten's Not For Us Alone - and my only project that is current. This is part of the sampler stitch along at With My Needle.

My travel project is Eightsome Reel, using Vikki Clayton premium silk. I only stitch it during DS French Horn lessons and when I travel. I am really enjoying this project. It is very difficult to put it down - I estimate that it is about one-third done.

I also am current on the JCS Retro RR and JCS 2005 that I am part of. Well - I have done the stitching; I haven't made them up into ornaments yet.

My Band of Many Colors is ready at the framers. I will go and pick it up next Saturday; depending on how it turns out, I may let them take it to Woodlawn - one stitcher suggested that everyone who participated in the SAL and completed the project display theirs at Woodlawn. It should be interesting to see a group of them. Of course, I wouldn't be really entering a contest - my stitching is not of that caliber - I stitch in hand and do not railroad the stitches.

On the back burner I have Celtic Winter. I started this a long time ago; but the grays were making me crazy; so I will return to it later.

Well, this has turned into a long post, so I will close for now. I will go and check the Celebration of NW site to see if they have finished updating it yet. I have my plane tickets and hotel reservations already - so of course they have now decided to start the event a day early! Oh, well, I will just miss the first day!

Happy Stitching, Margaret in Maryland


Carol said...

Hi Margo!!
Yay! I was so hoping we could take a class together this year at Celebrations - and now I know that we are! I will save you a seat!! Dying to catch up with you - will bring some projects along to show you - hope you do the same :-) Yay! Margo is in my class again this year! I had such a great time with you last year!!! WooHoo!! I wonder if Betsy remembers her "diamond row" from last year!!

Carol said...

Happy Mother's Day Margaret! Hope you got home safely! let me know which Silk 'n Colors you need for your sampler!

Carol said...

Yay!!! Looking forward to taking LTD's class with you at CATS!! Woo Hoo!!!