Wednesday, February 03, 2010

More snow; and Blackwork Mystery Part 3

I am still working on the Blackwork Mystery by Seba Designs. This is the completed Part 3. I love the purples, blues and greens in the silk thread. They are my favorite colors.
Last week I also started Ann Taylor, a sampler by Heartstring Primitives. There's not much to show, I am just working on the border outline - just to make sure everything lines up before I get too many stitches into the project.
I am also stitching on some projects with a German Marquior group - however, I am not sure whether it's okay to post pictures of the projects. So for now, I will hold off on posting photos.
We are having a snow day today in Maryland. School is closed for DS, and I am working from home for a few hours, and then just relaxing the rest of the day. No complaints from me!
This afternoon, I plan to begin my February Christmas ornament - I joined the ornament a month challenge, and am determined to succeed this year, after failing miserably last year!
Happy stitching everyone, Margaret

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