Monday, February 08, 2010

More Blackwork Mystery progress

Here is the completed Part 4 of Seba Design's Blackwork mystery. I stitched this last night during the Superbowl. I am a Saints fan (from way back when they were the "Aints"), so I was thrilled that they won. However, you can see some tight stitches that I put in while I was stressed when Peyton Manning was on the field! I was in school when Archie Manning was QB at the "other" university, so I have casually followed the careers of the three Manning sons in recent years. Peyton Manning is an amazing quarterback! However, the Saints figured out how to thwart the Colts in the second half - what a great game. Thank goodness the game and the halftime show were good, because I thought the commercials were TERRIBLE! I think I will give up Doritos and Budweiser products! What can Anheuser-Busch be thinking, when they have those adorable Clydesdales - and they only show them in one brief commercial????

Oh, how I would love to be in New Orleans this week - it is extra appealing when we have two feet of snow here in Maryland.

DH and DS ventured out today for groceries - however, they are having trouble finding a road leading to a grocery store that is passable. And they're predicting 5" more tomorrow. Think we'll get another snow day?

Happy stitching! Margaret

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