Saturday, March 22, 2008

How Does Your Garden Grow, Part 3

I finished Part 3 of How Does Your Garden Grow from Papillon Creations last night - I think it took three episodes of the Dog Whisperer and maybe one of Clean House (I know my taste in tv shows is rather bland). This is such a fun project!!! I am not liking the yello I started with and so I am trying out a pale yellow - it really calms the piece down - now it reminds me of coneflowers, asters and coreopsis "Moonshine" - one of my favorite garden combinations. I selected some pearl beads to use for it - they are very subtle, which I like.

Now I'm off to purchase a ham (if they're not all gone). I usually buy a Honeybaked, but this year I waited too late - the line would be a mile long!!!! I think I'll check out the garden center while I'm out. We are having an overcast day - my heart goes out to those in the mid west - snow storms and flooding - such a difficult time.

Happy stitching! Margaret


Leslie aka zoeandcooper said...

It is looking fabulous. I like that the designer didn't suggest any colors. That way everyone has to come up with something unique

Carol said...

Oh, how beautiful! As is your new Quaker mystery too. I cannot wait until next month when we can get together in NH!!