Monday, January 11, 2016

Annual update!

My blog posts are turning into annual updates, rather than a way of keeping track progress on my projects.  I'm still stitching - many new starts and a (very) few completions.

First up are my 2015 additions to my ornament collection.  I did not get pictures of the lovely ornaments stitched by my dear friends Carol and Marie (Christmas was very rushed this year)- but I did get photos of the ones  finished by Claudia, finisher extraordinaire.

And, here's a few that are not so fancy, finished by me:

Finally, here is the iStitch annual SAL - I don't enjoy stitching with white (although I love the way it looks) and so I shamelessly copied Claudia (intending sincerest compliments) and used HDF Garnet thread:

My tree is beginning to have a respectable number of ornaments on it!

And here is my four-legged fur baby with her Christmas bone!

Next post, I will share my photos from travel this year.

Happy stitching everyone!


Robin in Virginia said...

Your ornaments are gorgeous! I really like the look of your Advent SAL piece in all red. Gives me something to think about if Carol offers one in 2016. Your pup is adorable. Have a very happy and healthy 2016.

Vickie said...

Wow! Very impressive work. You do not give yourself enough credit for your own finishing.

Marie said...

Did you stitch all those beautiful ornament this year? You have been keeping busy. My favorite, although not pictured, is the one that you stitched for ME ~ thank you again. You are a dear friend!

Your tree is gorgeous…you have quite a few of ornaments.

Cute picture of the pup.

Can't wait to see those travel pictures. :-)