Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday update

Get ready to tilt again, just like last week - looks like Blogger is turning my photos around again. That is so weird! So please take my word for it, this piece is going to be gorgeous. There are a lot of stitches on this piece - I started this on March 10 and just finished it Friday. But it is gorgeous!

This weekend I have been working on my March ornament - I chose one that is pretty involved - I even had to put it on Q-snaps because the specialty stitches don't lay right otherwise. I'll complete this post now and go work on it some more.

Well, spring did not last long in Maryland - it was snowing this morning when I walked the dog - he loves it. I would love it too if I had a black fur coat!!!

Happy stitching! Margaret

1 comment:

Jeanne said...

It's looking good Margaret - love the lace look on it. I don't know why Blogger does weird things at times either!