Sunday, December 05, 2010

More Oldies Done!!!!

Before I get to the "oldies" that I have (finally) finished, I need to show an update on Quaker Star - I have finished Part 6 - only three parts to go. I'm not really happy with the rose - the color is blotchy and it stands out too much. However, a later part has a daffodil that I want to stitch in a yellow/cream variegated thread, which will also stand out. After I see how that looks, I will pull out the soft mauve from the basket of flowers and replace it with a brighter color - so that the piece will be balanced.

And now - on to the oldies:
This is a piece I started in 2005 - it was one of the first freebie patterns I downloaded from the Internet. It is stitched using a variety of silk thread remnants on a piece of Silkweaver's Precious Metals Lugana - these colors just sing to me. Before the designer took it down, the pattern could be found here: Jardin a Decourvir

And here is a set of smalls that I picked up at Celebrations of Needlework several years ago - the model in the first picture is one of my stitching companions - she usually sits on the back of my chair (ready to dive under the chair or hassock if a strange person or noise appears!) This is called FanFleurs by Barbara Jackson of Tristan Books. The scissor fob matches my flowered Ginghers perfectly. Sadly, I no longer know the names of my patterned Ginghers.
On a brighter note, this set came out fairly nice. Maybe I'm getting the hang of finishing things. Now I just need a curio cabinet to display the items, safely out of reach of my stitching companions (cats) and the ever present dust!
I need to start some Christmas decorations - but I'd rather be stitching - maybe I have time for a little of both?????
Happy stitching! Margaret


Unknown said...

love the freebee garden heading that way now

Unknown said...

just so you know its not available at that link anymore as a freebee :(

Brigitte said...

I also stitched the garden when it was still avalable. It's a wonderful piece. And so is your set of smalls, adorable!

jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

Hi Margo, I would love to send you an invite to our Challenge but I need your email address, so if you send it to me I can get an invite off to you and you can have fun with us...Be always in stitches