Friday, October 12, 2007

Melanie's Round Robin

This is a picture of Melanie's piece for the Spot RR that I am participating in. I stitched the motifs from the blue horizontal rice stitch variation and the gold crown to the bottom. The motifs are from Indigo Rose's Monogram Sampler. You all know that I love Indigo Rose designs, I hope Melanie will also. Melanie's piece is just gorgeous. This RR has had some rocky moments - some of the participants had personal issues; and one participant seems to have lost interest - but Melanie ( who has had issues herself) has worked very hard to make sure everyone has an enjoyable experience - thank you Melanie!

And now for a RR that is going great! This is an ornament from the general ornament RR that I'm in. I had planned to stitch it watching the Chiefs (DH's favorite team) last Sunday afternoon; but I got engrossed in the LSU game on Saturday night - I actually stitched on this dark fabric at night - GEAUX TIGERS!!!!!

This weekend I am back to the Monogram Sampler - I'm almost done with the spots - I still have to do the border; and wrapped bars - I'll have to gather up my nerve to cut my fabric.

Happy stitching everyone!!!

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Aussie Stitcher said...

You have been busy, everything looks wonderful, congratulations on your two finishes.