Friday, October 05, 2007

On a Betsy Stinner binge!!!!

Here is a pic of my latest finish - this is the Martha Washington sampler that Betsy Stinner taught at Celebrations in New Hampshire last spring. Her pieces are so lovely - I think it took me about three days to do the bulk of the sampler; but then two calamities hit - I ran out of the dark blue thread (Soie d'alger - which is a royal pain to find and purchase) and then I encountered the dreaded Bullion knots. I did finally receive the thread I ordered and I found a fabulous website with video tutorials of many stitches. The website is here: Now this is not to say my Bullion knots look good - but I can see improvements from when I started.

I also did the preface piece for this one:

I also finished up the Eliza Pinckney piece that I started last fall. By coincidence, I ran out of dark blue thread on that piece also, and had to purchase more. This is how it looks:

And the preface piece for this one is lovely:

I think these preface pieces would make charming biscornus; but for now they are going into my drawer of completed stitching.

I have also finished Just Nan's Peacock Cipher - I will photograph it next time.

I am working on a piece for my Spot RR. Then I will need to work on the next Neighborhood RR piece. The next Neighborhood RR has a theme of English cottages - so I will need to go stash diving to find something suitable - I love doing that, except that I'm sure I'll uncover at least a dozen projects that I simply must stitch next!!!!

Last week I started Indigo Rose's Monogram Sampler - it is from a class I took with Carol ( last spring. I will need to get DH to photograph that one, so the shite on white stiching will show up.

Until next time, happy stitching, Margaret


Jenn said...

Your finishs looks great Margaret. I love the colors. Very Pretty

Carol said...

What beauties! Congratulations Margaret! I feel so guilty that I have not stitched my class pieces yet :-( I do hope you got my emails thanking you for the birthday gift. I did not hear back from you, but figured you were just busy.

Von said...

These BS designs are amazing, Margaret! The preface pieces would make great biscornus. :D

Bullion knots are very fiddly to do, but I think they're one of the most gorgeous stitches - I absolutely adore bullion knot roses. One smocking project I did had 52 bullion roses - deliberately chosen so that I would improve my skill, lol! It worked and when I finished, some of those first roses were redone. :)