Monday, February 15, 2016

Snowy Day stitching

These are the ornament fronts that I stitched last month.  This is Hope, Joy and Love by Scissortail Designs.  They were a fun, quick stitch!

And here is a picture of part 3 of my sampler.  It is going to be lovely!

And I'll leave you with a picture of Valentine's Day flowers - the stock and roses smell so wonderful!  Can't wait for spring - wishing the blankety-blank snow would disappear!

A couple of weeks ago, DS headed out to Sydney Australia - to study at the University of Newcastle for a semester.  It's fun to hear his stories about exploring a new university in a foreign country! I am saving my pennies so I can visit here next summer.

Happy stitching!  Margaret


Stasi said...

Love the three ornaments and sampler. How exiting for your son--hope you get to visit!

Vickie said...

Wonderful pieces! Good for your son. How exciting. We have more snow coming today.

Marie said...

Getting a jump start on the ornament stitching…good for you! These are so pretty.

Your sampler piece is coming along nicely. How large is this design?

Well, I was still thinking that your DS was in northern WI working. :-) He is back at school but in another country! Wow, that is exciting. I hope that you get the opportunity to go visit. My son is heading to Scotland with his GF to visit her brother. He too is studying abroad.

Are you planning on attending the Nashua show this year?