Sunday, February 24, 2013


To kick off this post, here is the adorable Santa's Flight that Jayne stitched for me in the Shepherd's Bush ornament exchange on Hooked on Exchanging.  I love this piece - it is so tiny and lovely in every way.  The stitching and finishing are just superb.

I just love reproduction samplers, and so this year, I decided to focus on stitching them.  Below is a picture of my progress on the Ann Bowers Sampler from the Examplarery s2 - 1740's.  This is a SAL through the Attic Needlework shop in Arizona.  I have worked on it about 20 days, averaging one hour per day.

And below is A Maryland Sampler.  I am using NPI and the recommended 36 ct Lt Examplar linen.  This linen is more "vintagey" than what you can purchase - it spent a short period of time in the mouth of the Labrador puppy - and I did not want to start completely over, so I am learning to love the quirks in the linen.   LOL

I have also stitched on this for about 20 hours.  The borders on this one go very slowly with all the leaves, flowers and berries.

We are plunging into spring around here - the daffodils are poking their heads up.  the Lenten Roses are in full bloom.  I am starting to think about what annuals I want to plant in my pots around the pool.  I'm also thinking of how to convert my flower beds to flowers and shrubs that deer don't eat, which significantly limits my choices.

Happy stitching, Margaret

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dixiesamplar said...

What a cute ornie exchange! And I am loving your progress on the gorgeous samplers, Margo.

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