Sunday, February 19, 2012

Still stitchin'!

I have been miserable for the last two weeks with an awful cold/flu/bronchitis - I have missed almost 5 days of work - finally I broke down and went to the doctor. After injesting about half a pharmacy over the last week, I am starting to feel human again! All this to say, there's not a lot of progress to show. I was able to complete Part 4 of Heart Note Alley.

I also have been working on some ornaments. This one is Yuletide by Plum Street Samplers - it is so charming! I broke down and bought the finishing kit for it - I am so very glad I did - I love the backing fabric, trim and the little bells.

And this is a freebie I printed from a French lady's blog - my printout did not list the designer's name or blog - so I cannot give credit, although I am very appreciative that this talented lady shared her design. I stitched this on mystery linen with mystery HDF threads - I can't wait to see it on my tree.

And, here is another of Laura Perrin's Mystery Monday smalls - I think this is the first one. I love these - so colorful and quick to stitch. Sadly, this one really highlights my lack of finishing skills. I think linen and silk thread is more forgiving than Congress cloth, Cotton Perle and lots of satin stitches. Maybe these are candidates for a professional finisher.

I need to go paw through my WIP pile, and decide what to work on next. I'm trying to be good and not start something new - but there are so many tempting projects out there - they are almost irresistable.

Until next time, happy stitching! Margaret C

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