Sunday, March 20, 2011

Get ready to tilt your head!

Now, why is Blogger being so contrary today? Once again, it simply refuses to import my pictures the way they are saved on my computer. Okay, I give up - I need to get an update done!

Here is my latest progress on I Sigh Not. This is one of those projects that is difficult to put aside once I get started working on it.

Here is an upside-down introduction to Purple Garden. You are actually seeing the lower right hand side of the project. It was designed by Angie Designer, and I am doing it with the Sticklounge group. The designer led a SAL for this project a year or so ago, but I missed it, so I jumped at the chance to do it with the Sticklounge. I am using a piece of linen that was labeled 32 ct. Flax - I guess it could be correct. I am using various shades of HDF Ultramaroon, Earth Stars, and Alluvium. I like the combo of cross stitch and blackwork. Fun piece.
And, fortunately right side up, is the completed Quaker Star, also done with the Sticklounge Group. It now goes into the pile of samplers that need to be framed - I may get ambitious and try to frame it myself - save a few $$$$ that way.

Well, spring is on its way to Maryland - I have worked in the yard yesterday and today - cutting back old stalks and generally tidying up my flower beds, emptying pots, and spraying Round Up on the pesky spring dandelions and such. My earliest daffodils are blooming - they are adorable, only 4 inches tall. Sadly, they are not fragrant. Will have to wait for the fragrant narcissi.
I am on holiday this week - last Friday we sent my son off to China with his Chinese teacher and three other students. They are touring four cities and returning next Sunday. This is their spring break week; and we don't have to be taxi service this week -YEA!!!! Next update I'll have flower pictures - can't wait.
Well, Happy stitching everyone, Margaret


Gillie said...

Doesn't Blogger drive you mad when that happens? Love the Quaker Star!

Kathy A. said...

Nice progress even standing on my head!!!
I love, love, love your Quaker Star. It is stunning finished.