Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sideways pictures are better than no pictures!

Okay, so I am having issues with blogspot right now. These pictures look absolutely correct in Picasa, but when I import them to blogger they end up sideways - I'm tired of fighting with it - so I hope you can use your imagination about how great they'd look if they were right side up and enjoy the pictures anyway. This is part 8 of Quaker Star with the Sticklounge group. Only one part to go now.

And this poor little sideways ornament is this year's Valentine small. Well it's a relief that I finished this in time to enjoy it on Valentine's Day - this piece is Braveheart by Wyrdbyrd Designs. There are some great free blackwork designs on the site. I stitched it in a HDF mystery skein on mystery linen. It was a quick, fun stitch. But then it came time for the dreaded finishing. For some reason it turned out wonky - so I was debating (for several days) redoing it or just throwing it out - but then I decided to add a braided trim, which made it be okay. - I am determined to master this finishing business!!!!
I notice that Celebrations of Needlework has started posting pics of the classes they are offering this year - YEA!
Happy stitching, everybody1

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Kathy A. said...

You Star is stunning. I love how it is coming together.
Your ornament is lovely. It certainly looks stright to me.