Monday, July 05, 2010

Holiday Weekends!

Here is my May ornament finished and posted late. It is Sampler Tree 1, by JBW Designs. This is stitched with the recommended fibers on a piece of scrap linen. I am late with it because I had trouble finding the angel charm for the top of the tree and the spangles for the candle flames. The designer, Judy Whitman, fortunately had a kit for finishing, even though this chart is five or six years old. She is a very nice person - makes me want to stitch more of her designs. I do like her pieces because they are very elegant. At first glance, they look very simple; but once you examine them closer, you see additional details.

Here is the second part of Quaker Star that I am stitching with the Marquoir Group. I decided to make one of the flowers and its stem stand out by stitching them in a different color. Do you like the effect? There are three more flowers that are surrounded by a frame - should I make them all the same color, or vary the color? Decisions, decisions...

We had a fabulous Fourth of July. We retrieved DS from band camp on Saturday, and they put on great concert for the parents to conclude the camp. We had some friends over on the actual holiday. We had barbeque, of course. We were out in our backyard late, and someone in the area was putting on a fabulous fire work show (professional grade). We walked to the top of our hill, and got to see a wonderful show, without fighting the crowds. Doesn't get any better than that.

It is still hot and dry in Maryland. My poor garden is sad! Please do a rain dance for me! I've been doing some watering but a lot of plants are just going to have to go dormant. My graveyard lilies are finally blooming - their botanical name is crinum. You find them in the South in old graveyards, where someone planted them by a headstone to commemorate a loved one.

Happy stitching! Margaret

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Kathy A. said...

Lovely stitching there girl! Love the flowers in a different color.
Will pray for rain. We are stifling in a heat wave!