Tuesday, June 01, 2010

No time to stitch!

I have had very little time to stitch - too much that I need to do in the yard! Not to mention carting around a fifteen year old with a busy schedule - soccer, French horn performances, and socials....We spent the weekend at a soccer tournament in Gettysburg, PA - lovely area; and I was lucky enough to get to see one of my dearest friends from South Carolina that I hadn't seen in years - she happened to be nearby; and came and rescued us from the soccer fields for a wonderful lunch and shopping. High school is now out for the summer - we have one orchestra audition; one recital, and one more spring soccer game - and then a long, lazy summer to enjoy.
Nevertheless, I have been stitching a little on the German Group Mystery - only three more parts to go now. I love this piece and will miss it when I complete it.
The other photo is a little piece called Quakerchen with the Marquior group. It is small enough that I might actually finish it someday. I will look up the details - designer, threads used, etc. for the next time I post.
I was doing very well on my Christmas Ornament challenge; but now I have hit a stone wall. I stitched one of the old JBW Sweet Nothings Sampler Trees - but it calls for pailettes (sequins). I need 4 mm gold ones - I can find places to buy them online, but I have to buy several hundred and the shipping is outrageous!!! I haven't decided what to do about this yet - but because of this dilemna, my May ornament will be late - Grrrrrrr!
Warning - here is my soapbox statement: Quit worrying about whose fault it is and who's going to pay for the Gulf cleanup! Just focus on stopping the leak and cleaning up! Then focus on what went wrong and how to prevent it from ever happening again! Make sure it can't happen to the other wells that are operating in the region. There is plenty of time for blame; and I'm sure the cost is going to be high enough that the well owner/operator and the taxpayers will get to shell out plenty of money to clean this up. Then if we are all not completely exhausted, we can start blaming each other in earnest. OK, this is supposed to be my stitching blog; with a little gardening and the boy wonder thrown in; so I will get off my soapbox now.
Well, summer hit Maryland this weekend - we can bid spring an abrupt adieu. We are having thunderstorms today, and it is hot as blue blazes out there. Nice day for stitching!
All for now, Margaret


Vonna Pfeiffer said...

Lovely stitching! And I must say Gettysburg is a truly a wonderful place to visit. Sad at what happened there, but a wonderful place nonetheless and those that fought and died made our country what it is.

The blame game is always started and played, I think to hide the guilty parties. If they get people fighting about whose fault it is, then they can sneak out the back door. I think it is sickening the loss of our estuaries, fishing and wildlife. Maybe our President needs to quit campaigning and get the ball rolling on fixing the problem and cleaning it up.

Kathy A. said...

For a girl who has no time to stitch you have done wonderful work. Both pieces are looking wonderful.
I'm with you - stop the blame game - fix the bloody thing = and most important = make sure it NEVER happens again!