Sunday, June 13, 2010

June ornament, GGM 13 and Quakerchen 4

Here is the lovely GGM sampler. Only one part left to stitch now. I plan to get this framed as soon as I finish it - I love its elegant simplicity.

Here is the latest view of Quakerchen that I am stitching with the Marquior stitching group. This is a fun little piece - I think there are three more parts, so it will be a tiny piece when done.

This is my June ornament. It is Joyful Blessings by Blue Ribbon Designs published in the August 08 JCS magazine. I used the charted fibers and a piece of scrap white linen - by the time I recognized it was 28 ct. and would result in a huge ornament, I had already stitched most of the over one alphabet - so I just finished with the big fabric.

I know that I have not yet finished by May ornament - it calls for embellishments that I had trouble locating. It is a JBW design. Finally I wrote to Judy Whitman, the designer, for advice. She has the needed embellishments and I ordered them from here. She seems like a very nice person - I'd love to meet her in person. So, I hope to finish that ornie soon, and will post a pic.

Well, my yard work has come to a screeching halt. A hot sultry summer has seized Maryland. It is just too hot to go out and work. Late in the day I go out and try to water my plant "stash" and hope to keep it alive until relief arrives.

I have spent this weekend at a soccer tournament in the Maryland soccer plex. DS is playing as a guest player on a team - they put DS in as goalie - which causes great anxiety in the parental ranks. The team is learning to play together - today they won their game 1 - 0. YEA!!!!

Well, all for now. Happy stitching, everyone!


Kathy A. said...

OH I so love your GGM - it is so very pretty. I love the colors. Glad that you were able to find help with your embellishments!
And love your Quaker.
Hope that heatwave doesn't stay too long. Wouldn't want you to melt LOL

Vonna Pfeiffer said...

GGM is just...STUNNING! I absolutely love it and every time I see it, it gets more lovely. The Quaker is going to be pretty too! LOVE, LOVE that ornament and the finishing is perfect!