Sunday, April 11, 2010


Here is a long overdue update - when I was snowed in, I had plenty of time to update my blog; but now that spring is sprung, I don't want to take the time - LOL. First up is Part 10 of the German Group Mystery sampler. This piece is lovely. When I started it, it was Christmas time, and the red, green and gold color scheme looked very "Christassy". But now, the piece looks like it will fit in perfectly into my house, which is mostly green and cream colors.

I am also still plugging away at the Seba Blackwork mystery. All that is left to do is the borders; but they are not great fun. So, I am trying to do at least two motifs a day until I get this done. This is an awful picture, but you get the idea.

And lastly, here is my April ornie. The chart is from the Needlebook Tree by Follow the Leader Designs, TGOSM December 2007. I used HDF BeFrogged and mystery linen. I finished it as a pillow ornament. I am not at all happy with the finishing; and I would redo it; but I am afraid I would tear up the piece if I took it apart. I think I am too impatient to take the time to do a nice finishing job.

Spring is finally here - YEA! My daffodils are about done - we have had unseasonably warm weather. The asparagus is yielding like mad, and I noticed the first of my miniature tall bearded irises (how is that for a plant name?) are blooming. They bloom between the iris reticulata and the dutch iris. The iris season then continues with the tall bearded, then the Siberians, the Japanese and then my faves: the Louisianas.

Usually my favorite flower is what is blooming now; but my all time favorite is blooming now - my camellias. I live in the northern border of their hardiness range; but our 3 feet of snow this winter did not seem to bother them too much. This year I will take more garden pics and post here.

Have to go and get ready for DS's opening soccer game today. He is on two soccer teams and the golf team at school. He is headed into concert season for the orchestra - a performance at school on Tuesday and then his Peabody Youth Orchestra concert in May. Plus, he has started doing volunteer work at the Recreational and Therapeutic riding center near us. He is helping with the horses for now. I am hoping this gives him something to do this summer. Looks like my travel stitching projects will see some action in the next couple of months!

Thanks for leaving me comments - I am a hardened lurker; but I do enjoy reading everyone's entries and admiring their projects.

Happy stitching! Margaret

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Kathy A. said...

Oh whata beautiful work Margaret.
I love both your samplers but the Seba one is my absolute favorite. It is so very delicate. Glad to hear that spring has sprung in your neck of the woods. Time for me to start packing up and heading back to Canada.