Sunday, April 18, 2010

Seba Blackwork Project Completed!

I put the last stitches in the Seba Blackwork SAL yesterday during my son's orchestra rehearsal. The last piece was the border; and I put if off because I thought it would be tedious. As it turned out, it went very quickly, and I can add something else to my "to be framed" pile.
Now, I will treat myself to a new quick project - I only have to decide which one of the "thousands" that are screaming for attention. It will have to be a quick thing because I will be going to Celebrations at the end of the month - and so will start several new class pieces.

I haven't been stitching very much this week - DH and I have flung over 8 yards of shredded bark mulch so far this spring. I still have three large areas to mulch - one is a sadly neglected bed that is weedy, and that I need to reclaim from the deer, so that one will be a lot of work. I also have to bring some order to the planting area by the pool - it is rampantly overgrown with deer delicacies - roses, lilies, hibiscus, redbud trees, and such.

We are off to the soccer field in a little bit - but will have to dress warmly. This morning it was 40 degrees when I walked the dog.

Happy stitching! Margaret


Von said...

Seba is gorgeous, Margo! Love the subtlety of the color scheme and design.
Bet you're sore from flinging all the mulch! We're finally getting some warm spring weather, but haven't had a chance to clean up the remainders of last fall's leaves in all the nooks and crannies. Then I'll be hauling mulch too - I can already feel how sore I'll be. :D

Kathy A. said...

Beautiful Margo just beautiful!
Would you consider passing on that chart?
Wow - flinging mulch - not fun!
I think that is the one thing I am not looking forward to about going home - the gardening. I love my garden but have discovered a gardener I am not!

Rob said...

Hello. It might be a slim chance, but I am writing in the hope that I can somehow obtain this gorgeous pattern. Thanks.