Saturday, December 19, 2009

More Christmas Ornaments and Sampler Bonheur

This is the lovely Sampler Bonheur stiched with HDF Dragon Opal on Lakeside Linens 36 ct. Navy Bean linen. I shy away from using any other threads or fabrics - I love the ease of the silk on the beautiful Lakeside linen. This sampler is for my son - the translation is loosely: the secret to a grand life is to treat yourself well. He has studied French for four years; and the colors work well in his bathroom...

Here are two more Christmas ornaments that I have completed. These were freebies that I printed much earlier this year; and the chart did not have the designer's info; so I cannot give credit where credit is due. The three sided ornament is a beauty - I wish my finishing skills could do it justice. The third side has NOEL in the center - I couldn't get a photo of it. The pagoda ornament is a cutie, although one corner won't lie properly - maybe next time.
We have received at least 2 ft of snow since last night - that's probably a low estimate. It's still coming down fast and furious. I have never seen so much snow. My son went outside and shoveled for a while; now my husband is out shoveling. Nice to be a girl sometimes!!!!!!
I have a pork roast in the oven, smells heavenly! I am also making a New Orleans bread pudding. Being cooped up makes me want to bake.
I cannot decide what to work on next - there are so many beautiful projects out there! I should be organizing my stuff, so I will know what I have - but that's no fun!
Well, until next time, happy stitching everyone! Margaret

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Brigitte said...

Wonderful ornaments and a great sampler finishing.
I hope it has stopped snowing in the meantime. A dust of snow is OK but when everything is under two feet of snow it's not so funny any more, particularly when you must drive to work.
Looking forward to seeing what you stitch next.