Sunday, December 07, 2008

Gloire du Matin, Finis

YEA!!! This is Gloire du Matin finished! It is beautiful. Carol and I were doing this as a SAL on Saturday. Carol finished hers yesterday; but I didn't get quite so far along - I had planned to finish it next Saturday, although I hated to put it away. When I saw this morning that Carol had finished hers, I decided to finish mine today. This was a quick stitch, and oh so pretty.
So now, I'd better get back to working on some ornaments - I have several stitched; but they need the final finishing; but the stitching is so much more fun!!!!
Happy stitching! Margaret


Carol said...

Beautiful! I have no idea what is next for me... do you have any plans? Edgar and I will do a SAL of CHS' Wild Roses in the spring or summer.. if you want to join us??

Jeanne said...

It's lovely Margo! Isn't it fun planning your next project? I'm raring up to go in January with some new starts finally. Happy Holidays! (p.s. Wild Roses is a wonderful project - I love mine)