Sunday, November 30, 2008

Gloire du Matin, Semaine Trois

Here is my progress on Gloire du Matin, week three. I actually cheated a little bit - I'm supposed to be stitching this on Saturday - but I only had about ten minutes to stitch on Saturday, so I put in a couple of hours today (sorry, Carol!). Nonetheless, my SAL buddy is still way ahead of me. I'm still loving this piece.

I just received an e-mail from the Drawn Thread, showing a new release - Moonlight Garden. My clicky finger has ordered it already - I plan to get the fabric and silk using my birthday discount at Needlecraft Corner.

So, you may ask why I didn't have time to stitch on Saturday - I was on the sidelines of the field at a soccer tournament - screaming my head off - cheering my team on, not booing the other team. It paid off, though - DS's team ended up winning the tournament. I'll post pictures soon.

Happy stitching! Margaret

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Carol said...

Looks great! I know - I am moving fast, guess I just found a rhythm with it? I ordered The Riddle, totally forgot to even look at Moonlit Garden - grrr... will have to grab it soon though!