Sunday, June 08, 2008

Many Years Sampler and Garden Grow

Hi - at last I have some updates. This is How Does Your Garden Grow and Many Years Sampler - these are the only two projects that I am current with. All my other projects have fallen by the wayside - I have too many projects going - I have difficulty deciding what to stitch; and as a result, I don't get anything done.
I have been spending all my spare time in the yard - well, at least up until yesterday - I think it hit 100 degrees yesterday with high humidity - too hot to be outside. The storms in the last few days have ruined the last of the peonies and bearded irises. I have roses, Lousiana irises, clematis in bloom. My Asiatic lilies have buds that are showing color - I just adore lilies.
Well, I'm off to spend a few moments in the yard; and then back inside to sit in the air conditioning - and work on a couple of exchanges I signed up for.
Happy stitching! Margaret


Kathy A. said...

Your two pieces are lovely. I'm not sure which one I like better. What shade of blue are you using for your many years sampler. Sure is pretty

Hazel said...

I have that problem too. Too many projects and then never getting anything done!! Love the colours you have chosen for How does your garden grow. And the many years sampler is looking lovely. I am collecting the parts but not decided which to yet. xx

Dani - tkdchick said...

Your WIPs look great!