Thursday, January 17, 2008

A Small Project for TIF Challenge

Hi, all, I decided to join in on the Take It Further Challenge. The basic idea is that each month you take a concept and work it through to a finished product. Each participant can choose to either work with an idea or a color scheme. Well, this month's color scheme was perfectly inline with my taste (thus minimizing the challenge) - so I decided to work with that. The objective is to use your creativity - and I did not exactly do that this month- but plan to work harder on the creativity piece of it next month.

I stitched the Indigo Rose freebie - Wildflower Hearts on a scrap piece of linen and used DMC colors 333, 340, 3362, 470, and 822. Once again, the picture is wonky - but you get the general idea. I think that working on my photography skills would cut into my stitching time (which is limited as it is) - so that will just have to wait.

I am off now to stitch on my Neighborhood RR - I have stitched the main building, but need to add some fill in landscaping and/0r critters. I think the next mailing date is Feb. 1 - so I shouldn't be pushed for time.

I am *seriously* considering starting a monochrome - but I am having trouble deciding on a pattern and color combination. I have recently started buying spools of HDF silk - and can't wait to use some of it. Right now, the Wiehenburg Quaker 2008 is the front runner - maybe in Old Maid of the Vineyard? Or maybe in Old Maid of the Forest? I have tons of choices for fabric, so I will have to just do some experimenting.- Decisions, decisions.

I also love the new Papillon Creations freebie from the newsletter. This is one of my favorite designers - I love the elegance of the projects; and love the fact that they don't require an eternity to complete!

Wow! this has been a long, rambling post - thanks for bearing with me!
Happy stitching, everybody, Margaret


Kathy A. said...

Very nice piece of work. It reminds me of a Sweetheart Tree design. Samplers are such fun and to pick one - hmmmm

Carol said...

Your IR designs is stunning! Thanks for the heads up - I think I am in trouble, and will have to ask for Celebrations classes as a birthday gift this year! I really, really want four already! I have never taken more than two.. and you are right, we haven't even seen the IR ones yet!