Saturday, December 01, 2007

Von's RR

Here is my completed block for Von's RR. Her theme is English cottages, and she said she loves gardens - this chart is from a Cross My Heart publication titled Garden Cottages. When I saw it, I thought it fit the theme perfectly. Now, we won't go into how much confetti stitching was involved and how horrible the back of the piece looks - it will certainly give the stitchers who stitch on it in the future something to tsk, tsk about!!!!!

This piece is really pretty - I love the background fabric - it's a little unexpected - a lovely blue/gray - the others have been more neutral. I hope Von is pleased!

Also, here is a picture of the real kittychernoff - when we adopted her from the pound in 1997, she had a bacterial infection, and we weren't sure we could cure it - so we didn't name her. We didn't want to get too attached to her, just in case the vet wasn't able to cure her (at least that was our rationale). So, the vet labeled her chart as Kitty Chernoff - well, many thousands of dollars later, she was cured and a permanent part of our family; but her name remained kittychernoff. Since she is the only one in the house that is allowed to touch Mom's cross stitch stuff - I adopted her name as my online nickname.

Happy stitching! Margaret C


Vonna Pfeiffer said...

It is lovely Margaret...a true work of beauty!
And the kitty is sweet too!

Von said...

Margaret, I really LOVE it!! Thanks so much for putting in a great deal of time and effort (confetti stitching!) on my little rr! :)