Saturday, December 29, 2007

From UFO to WIP to HD

At last! I started this band sampler ages ago - it was designed by Jana Kerr and published in the EGA monthly magazine. I chose the color scheme - and since I have no sense of color, I originally thought I had chosen badly, and so put the project away. But, after pulling it out again, I think I like it. I really enjoyed the different techniques involved. Hopefully I improved my skills. I will finish it as a bell pull (after giving it a good pressing!)

I have decided to restrict the number of projects I have going at one time. I have just so many zip top storage bags. So, I will have one project per bag, and will not start a new project until I have an empty bag to use. I am hoping this will cause me to complete more projects! Wish me luck! My other plan is to do less lurking and more commenting on stitcher's blogs!
I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas, filled with peace and joy. And I wish everyone a Happy New Year! I received the loveliest hand made card from Von, with a wonderful wish for the new year: unlimited stitching time. What a great sentiment!
So now I am off to start my Neighborhood RR. I have Heather's piece to work on. Her theme is farms - I think I may stitch a grist mill - a place where the farmers take their corn to have it ground. I think that would fit the theme and be interesting. Thoughts?
Until next time, Margaret


Becky K in OK said...

Your HD is lovely. I'm gonna steal your idea about not starting a new project until I have an empty bag to put it in. Thanks for offering it.

Von said...

Your band sampler reminds me of a chatelaine I stitched probably 16 years ago - lots of the same stitches and style. :)

I think a grist mill for Heather's rr sounds perfect. Can't wait to see it!

Kathy A. said...

wow, that band sampler is stunning. Your color choices were spot on!! Nice work. I like the idea of having to empty a bag too. Hmmmm - I wonder if that would work for me. Hmmmm - not likely but I could try.
wishing you the Happiest New Year and the stitchingest 2008

Carol R said...

Your band sampler is really pretty. Good idea about the bags too.